Everything You Wanted to Know About “Roomies! in Glorious Audio” (Probably)

How do I audition?
Just record yourself reading the dialogue of your preferred character from as many of the comics as you want, then shoot me a link to it via the SUBMIT TO GALASSO button on right. You can audition for as many parts as you want.

Who should I audition for?

Right now, just check the Character tags on BringBackRoomies.com and pick one from there. Danny, Joe, Joyce, Sal, Sarah and Alex are priority at the moment. For all the joking about Hooper and Dina they won’t be around for some time, and we’re trying to do this linearly.

That said, if you want to audition for a latecomer anyway, go right ahead, and we’ll tuck that away until we’re ready to cast those parts.

This thing is (unofficially?) called Roomies! in Glorious Audio. Will you also be doing [insert other comic here]?

It’s Walky! will definitely be also happening provided we haven’t run out of steam. If I can find a way to do Joyce and Walky! without causing problems for the pay-to-own stuff, that’ll come after. Shortpacked! is a bit more iffy, my current thoughts on that are “if I’m still interested and someone else hasn’t beaten me to it, I’ll do it.” Dumbing of Age is out, though, because, well, someone’s already doing that.

Beyond that—who knows? We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Are you guys connected to Dubbing of Age?
We’re unrelated to Dubbing, though heavily inspired by it. Being cast in Dubbing doesn’t guarantee you a part, but it doesn’t cost you the part either. Everyone’s on equal footing, everyone must audition.

R.K. Milholland said he might audition. Has he?
He hasn’t sent me anything yet but I would be thrilled to have him involved! We here at Roomies! in Glorious Audio are also big fans of Something*Positive.

I might audition but am unfamiliar with the source material! Is this a problem?

Not at all! After all, Kevin Conroy wasn’t a huge Batman fan (according to this Mark Hamill interview I saw once.) And I really like Willis’s work, so I’m more inclined to be thrilled someone is starting to read it as part of this project than to shun you. 

So, er…Jon Lovitz as Head Alien, eh?

Just trying to be as close to Willis’s vision as possible. If you can’t do Jon Lovitz and want to audition anyway, go right ahead!

I severely doubt our ability to find someone who sounds like Jon Lovitz.

How do I keep up with news and whatnot?

This and all future posts will be tagged Roomies! in Glorious Audio. You can also just follow this blog, if you’re fine with the occasional piece of Photoshop nonsense. 

Will Soggies rule?

Yes. Yes they will. :(