Went to a concert last night, was amused by my seat number.

Went to a concert last night, was amused by my seat number.

Willis should really know better by now than to say things like that.

New site, new logo!

New site, new logo!

Dina is the best character. -unnoun


Yay, new logo! I made the original not knowing what font the It’s Walky! logo was, so there was a lot of guesswork with regards to the letterforms for everything that wasn’t “a”, “l”, “!”, and the word “It’s”. And it definitely shows, given how rough it looks.

Having found out the logo is roughly based on the font “Pokémon Solid”, I was able to trace over those letterforms, strip away the more overtly Pokémon-ish aspects like serifs and those weird crescent-moon holes, and come away with a bouncier, funner final product.

Of course this one’s gonna disappear in July when the new itswalky.com goes up, but having made the new letterforms I didn’t want to make you guys look at the old ones for a second longer than you had to, so I tossed this together as a placeholder for the next month. Hope you like it.

i'm the anon from yesterday (the slow learner) and thanks for your response! i realize now the answers/comic was not aimed at me. i know what a clitoris is, but since i do not enjoy having the body part containing it, i realize the comic isn't telling me i'm stupid or pointless for not wanting to explore that area. but now i'm too busy laughing at the idea of a clitoris being on the leg. now that'd be inconvenient. but i guess it would make putting pants on very enjoyable for some people...
Site redesign!

Of my five main blogs, this is the one I’ve been putting off redesigning for the longest, because I just barely use it often enough to qualify for one of my mains (in my mind where I have qualifiers for these things). But, y’know, there’s been a lot of negativity tonight, so why not some positivity? So! Rudimentary site resign! Yay!

Those of you who follow my main main blog might be thinking to yourself “man, those new buttons look awfully familiar.” That’s because they’re the old buttons from my main main blog! Literally the ones I just ditched a week ago. I slapped a coat of blue paint on ‘em, changed the font from Courier to Impact, swapped out the shitty old Mobile icon for the slightly less shitty new Mobile icon, and called it a night. I mean, it’s almost 3AM, I only have so much energy, and it’s not like the old buttons are bad. They just didn’t fit with the design aesthetic of my main main blog.

The positioning of the logo’s probably gonna get changed. Hell, the logo’s probably gonna get swapped out entirely now that I know what font the It’s Walky! logo is modeled on and Willis has made a less gradient-y version of it for the new site. That’s something for the morning, though, probably. Well, “morning”. You know what I mean.

I also took the opertunity to update the description.



If you’re aware that you’re ignorant, that you’re undertaught, that American sex education is largely useless, than it’s your fault for not doing something. The Internet exists. Anatomy textbooks exist. People with vaginas exist and presumably you know a few. Seek out…

Is funny to see someone “defending” ignorance about clitoris so intense, while the same person portrayed, in a lesbian porn comic, that women enjoy when their clitoris are being bitten hard… 


I…I don’t…what?

The one instance I can find of biting in My Lesbian anywhere near the crotch is on Leslie’s thigh. Do…do you think that’s where the clit is? Is that it? Because the only other thing I can imagine is that you’ve grossly misinterpreted the bits where they’re eating each other out.


To everyone protesting that they were never taught about the clitoris




If you’re aware that you’re ignorant, that you’re undertaught, that American sex education is largely useless, than it’s your fault for not doing something. The Internet exists. Anatomy textbooks exist. People with vaginas…

Alright, I’ve made my opinion known on Shortpacked already but here it is one final time.

I wasn’t aware that that part of the vibrator was made for the clitoris. Whoops, I am not 100% super aware of everything. However, I refuse, and this is important, I REFUSE, to let some assholes shame me about my lack of knowledge on the subject. I, in my 20 years of life, have never had sex, or even gone past 2nd base. The entire anatomy of the human vagina is not something I’m going to look up. Because, I don’t find them particurally appealing. I DON’T. LIKE. THEM. LIKE. THAT. There’s legitimately no reason for me at all to know what that is, at least in this point in my life, because I’m not ready to have sex yet. SO! I haven’t ever stopped and said “What can I do to a vagina to make it feel amazing?” Why would I? I don’t like them like that. This is never information a person like me would be super likely to willingly look at.


Saying that “Not knowing about the clitoris is awful” is another way to feel superior to someone by shaming a large group for a miniscule thing. It’s easier to call people sexist rather than to just admit they may be young and inexperienced. Ideally partners should be open with how their bodies work with one another. If you’re ever in a relationship and someone requests some clit play, you’d damn sure better heed it. Don’t be super mad that everyone doesn’t know the exact physiology of your body part and make them to be some sort of awful person. There are WAY worse things in this world than that and you’re focusing on it because it’s just gender-based enough that you can make an argument for sexism based off of it (not that it’s 100% sexism free as sexism can be the cause for a lot of this).

I say this is important because, “YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE”. You don’t know how much someone can take. There are people who are hyper-sensetive to criticism and this mercilous criticism about something that is a somewhat common problem among young men is deplorable. I try not to bring this up but…imagine that this is what pushes someone over the line into self harm. Imagine feeling like your favorite comic artist just called you an idiot cuz you don’t know about this “super obvious” purpose of a vibrator. I guess you had it coming cuz you were ignorant, huh?

Finally, if you’re mad about that XKCD being used to say “Don’t be such a dick” maybe think through your aproach. It’s one thing if this is something like sexism, transphobia, racism, or some huge bias. This is not knowing the purpose of a small anatomical part of the vagina. YOU CAN AFFORD TO BE NICE WHEN YOU TELL PEOPLE. WHY SHOULD EVERYONE BE EXPECTED TO KNOW THAT SHIT!!!? THIS IS A ROOKIE MISTAKE, NOT ALWAYS A FUCKING TESTIMENT TO THE OPPRESSION OF WOMEN IN A MODERN SOCIETY. Now if someone knows this and decides he doesn’t wanna stimulate his partner then he’s a dick. But ignorance is just IGNORANCE. nothing to be ashamed of. Stop this shit, please.

Ah, see, you’re very much mistaken about what exactly I’m shaming you for. You think it’s because you didn’t know about the clitoris, but it’s actually because you’re tripping over yourself making excuses instead of owning up to your ignorance, apologizing, and moving on.

That is what’s making me angry. This whole thing here, and posts and comments like it.

Whether or not people perceive you, personally, as sexist or ignorant is not more important than the culture of keeping people-with-vaginas in the dark about their own sexuality and encouraging people-with-penises to think that the sexuality of people-with-vaginas doesn’t matter. Just by writing that this is no big deal, you are actively contributing to that culture. The sexual health of half the damn population is not “a small thing”. And posts like these are not only selfish but distract from the actual issue.

Which is sexism, by the way. The system that conspires to keep this information out of the hands of those that need it is super friggin’ sexist. Hell, you even concede that. So whatever “one thing” this is “if this is something like sexism, transphobia, racism, or some huge bias”, this is absolutely that thing.

i am someone with a vagina (though i do not want one) and i swear the only education i received was "vaginas bleed monthly, but it's sooo easy to just track everything, teehee!" like never mind clitoris, i was never even taught to go to a doctor over horrible periods (i was just left to assume they'd settle down after a few years).
and regarding tone policing (continuing from my bad sex education post/periods SETTLE!1), i can see why it is frustrating, but as someone who is a slow learner and has been yelled at, mocked, and belittled all my life for it, i would like intelligent, neurotypical people to please keep in mind that some of us do need things explained specifically, and being smarmy about being more knowledgeable is not helping anything, (though a comic character yelling about dildo hooks isn’t the problem)
I’m sorry to hear that you’ve gone through all that, and I promise, I’m not berating anyone for being a slow learner. If you’ve been giving it your all and still somehow never found out about the clitoris, y’know, that’s fine. It’s the folks who haven’t tried and got pissed because “no one tried for me” isn’t being accepted as a valid excuse I was irritated at.
It’s not about being superior. I’m not trying to lord my knowledge of the clitoris over anyone. It’s about other folks not owning their ignorance and acting to fix it.